APT Design and Deliver Custom Prefab Data Centre to Northern NHS Trust

APT PreFab Data Centre Pod

Advanced Power Technology is proud to design, deliver and commission a highly efficient prefabricated data centre module for a Northern NHS Trust. This solution was built off site and craned into position ready for the transfer of  critical IT equipment from an existing facility.

This is a fantastic example of how smart engineering and design can reduce operating costs and cut carbon emissions while also increasing resilience. This prefab installation has reduced power consumption by around 48% when compared to the existing facility.

It is both worrying and exciting that by 2025, roughly 1/5th of the worlds electrical energy will be consumed by data centres.

It’s a worry because our industry is historically focused on resilience. Efficiency concerns quite often take a backseat. On the flip side, companies like Advanced Power have a genuine opportunity to make positive steps towards delivering products that increase both resilience and deliver class leading energy efficiency.

The latest high efficiency UPS systems from Schneider Electric have been used. These alone increase efficiency by 12% when compared to the existing UPS.

Cooling is provided by 3 free cooling units, with 2 in reserve, that force filtered, ambient air, into the cool aisle. If ambient air temperature reaches a set point, direct expansion cooling automatically kicks in. Cooling load is reduced from around 41kw in the existing data centre to an average of 5kw. This is where is where the vast majority of the savings are made.

This prefab data centre prevents and estimated 130 tonnes of C02 entering our atmosphere per year, reduces opex by roughly 48% and increase resilience over the existing facility.

Watch the construction and delivery process here.

Cool Aisle In the Prefab Edge Data CentrePrefabricated Edge Data Centre Pod


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